I served as a supervisor for BN at JFK and closed the doors on May 12,1982.My complete original Halston uniform,service pin and BN id card are in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

Phil Jensen - JFK New York

My 1st flight on Braniff was to Santiago Chile. I will always remember the service. Great to see this site and will comeback for more.

Steve Johnson - San Francisco, CA

Great site! I Am a former Braniff Flight Attendant. (1973-1989)

Nancy Glennan Tomberlin - DFW area.

Worked for braniff nov 59 till 12 may 82 at dal okc ama and sat. enjoyed the web site.

Glenn Pettitt - Meeker, Okla.

Interested in info, news stories etc. re: May 3, 1968 crash in Dawson , TX. My father was among the 85 who died on that plane.

Jim Tucker, bhillan237@aol - Burlington, WA

Your site is a great tribute to one of America's great airlines of all time. Thanks for keeping the history alive.

Don Boyd - Miami, FL