I didnt know about Braniff until i hit the ramp at D/FW in '92' but i have loved the airline since. the wonderful color schemes will never be forgotten. keep up the good work hope to see some more flying colors soon!!!!

Brian - DFW Airport

Carlos: found your wonderful site while searching on Braniff for a client. You've done a GREAT job: the site looks great and the tribute obviously has a lot of love in it. Thank God there are people like you and sites like this to keep some upbeat times in history alive.

Eric Weaver - Seattle, WA

Get Braniff flying again. I miss flying with the colors and service.

D. Miles - Ft. Worth, TX

Carlos, what a fantastic job with this website. When I think of Braniff; style, sophisication and class come to mind. This brings back memories of going to Dallas Love Field with my Dad to pick up my grandmother and always seeing the BI tail ready for take off. I was fascinated by the colors. I have some Braniff memoribilia which I treasure. I'm just sorry that I've misplaced my favorite travel poster Hawaii - Braniff International. I always wanted to work for Braniff, but ended up at American years later. Keep up the great work - Braniff style.

Ynes Flores - Boston, MA

I love this site. I could not help but notice that the Braniff international Virtual Airlines site has been closed down for several months. I would like to revive it. Kind of like Braniff start-up II. If you have any wishes or ideas, please e-mail me. Cryetter@HYDE.edu

Cryetter - Bath Maine

Although I was only 10 when BI stopped flying I still remember how my father loved working for BI. He put in over 30 years....he will love this seeing BI all over again here.

Rafael Quesada - Lima, Peru