I never thought of looking for Braniff - I retired from flying in '65 you remember - we couldnt be married!! I am attenning the Clipped B's reunion in Dallas 10/3 and looking forward to reconnecting with old friends! amspeeb@aol.com


Very nice sites, (photos)

Alexandre Caldas - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Aviator)

What an Airline!!! It's a pity it is gone; but beautiful and colorful memories stayed behind. When I was a teenager I flew in their colorful 727's to my brother's graduation at Colorado Springs. The service was impeccable. I wish Braniff International was still around; it could teach many other airlines the BEAUTY of flying. Hooray for your website!

Ray Laguna - Phoenix, AZ

I never had the pleasure of flying with Braniff,but there is something sad about a major airline winding up after many years. My nostalgia remains with the old Pan Am.
However, I have a story you may find amusing. A few weeks after Braniff shut down in 1982 I was in an Italian restaurant in Chiclayo, Peru. Nothing strange about that you may say, except that all their cutlery was from Braniff!

S. Woodhouse - England, UK

Love that airline, the good old days when flying was fun.

Michael Hoefling - Mount Laurel, New Jersey

absolutley fantastic,magic in front of your eyes

Ian Harvey - Northamptonshire, England