My father was a pilot for Braniff for goodness 25 years or more... And later Mother was a flight attendant. I am trying to find a replace something very dear to me. I am hoping someone can help.
Daddy brought home for me when I was a girl the Braniff "Barbie" Doll... She wasn't made by Barbie but was that type in a Black Box with white lettering. Inside were all her outfits including the Bubble helmet. I only ever had mine out of the box a dozen times at most. It had all the pieces and was extremely dear and precious to me. Last year my husband left me for another woman, and in his bitterness distroyed many cherished items from our 14 years together and my childhood. He knew this would cut to the quick as Daddy had given it to me, and Daddy passed away 12 years ago. Of all my childhood treasures this is the one that tore at my heart. I am now a single parent and a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines... Daddy was not here to see me reach this childhood dream to "fly like Daddy". I would very much like to replace this treasure that was taken from me. However, I have very limited funds. If you have one in the box with all the pieces in excellent to mint condition and would be willing to part with it. Please send me an email as to
how much. I've only be flying... well not quite five years and with to girls, there's not a lot of extra to go around, but I'd still like to see if I can find her and what it would run to have her again...
Thank you... Stay safe up there...

S. Seely - Oregon

I worked for Braniff from 1959 to 1982, then for about 8 months in 1983 before being furloughed. I enjoyed every minute of it, well, almost every minute.

Jim Dyer - Carrollton, TX

Carlos, great website you've created.

Ivan - HNL

Miss the many friends allong the years at Braniff. From Midway,Chicago to the Jet years at Ohare,Miami,Milwaukee and Orlando.

Lloyd Glaser - Salem, WI