As a daughter of a ret. airforce pilot I have been flying since I was a baby. So, every year when I was a little girl until Braniff stoped flying we would fly from so. cal to Austin Tx. to see my relatives. Though at that time Braniffdid not have any direct flights from LAX to Austin we would always take AA to Dallas and then change planes to make that short trip to Austin. But those were the flights that i looked forward to. I was going to go on the big orange flying colors. I loved Braniff so much I can still remember to this day telling the stewardess that I just love Braniff and when I grow up I am going to be a stewardess with this airlines. They were so nice they gave me a pair of wings. I also was so into Braniff that I had 2 of the little purses that I got in the terminal. They are orange and have the big white BI logo on it. I still have both of them.
Thanks you for letting me share my memories of flying on best airline to ever fly the blue skys.

Nancy - So. Cal

Back when i was a "kid" i worked in a newspaper stand in 2w at D/FW. That teminal was by far the classiest, and had the best airline workers by far. I had the experience to fly Braniff out of DFW, a trip that i'll never forget. God bless all who worked for that company, it was one classy operation.

Lance Voss - Dallas, TX



I will never forget the finest times of my life when I worked at Braniff.
I still miss all the wonderful friends I had there.

Frank P. Moses - Miami, FL

Very interesting website. My mom (Gloria Knight Whatley) flew for Braniff before I was born--1954 or '55, I think. She has a picture of herself, Presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhouer and another Braniff hostess on a flight during his campaign. I did not find it on this site, but I will talk to her about submitting it!

Mark Whatley - Allen, T