Sentirei saudades desta empresa aérea que surpreendeu pela audácia, pioneirismo e criatividade.
Viva Braniff/Calder

Ermeson Carvalho - São Paulo/Brazil

I love it.
Often I come back visit the BI website. My personal history 1975-1996 is full of TWA flights.
Actually, part of my history in the U.S. is on TWA flights. But I can't forget Braniff.
Once, I was in the LA airport and a jetway was open...I was a kid...and, I walked down the runway and...can you immagine? Into a BI 747 there for maintenance!

Luckly, when I pulled the landing gear it didn't operate but flaps and ailerons were moving like hell...hey I think I clogged the engines too....because I gave full power. When everything started ringing like Money the Pink Floyd song, I decided it was time to go back in the terminal...
And that's my Braniff experience...Nice, true (a bit amplified) and lots of love you all!

This is a supersonic website.I love it's glamorous colors and pics and airline history.
My heart is all with TWA but...I am very close to BI too!

Alex Gambara - Rome Italy

Well it has been 14 years since we lost our beloved Eastern Air Lines and we know how the Braniff Family feels. This is a great colorful informative site. I hope that it grows for the future. As we are preparing our Eastern Air Lines web-site at this time I look foward to linking the two together just as we shared routes and aircraft years ago. Keep up the good work.
William L. Hirsch - Eastern Air Lines

Dir: Eastern Airlines Historical
Contr: Eastern Airlines Aircraft
Inventory Records & Files
Co-Chair: Eastern Air lines Aircraft
Restoration Committee
Advisor: Lost Birds Avaition Foundation
Advisor: Legendary Airliners LLC

William L. Hirsch (EAL) - Long Island, New York

I am looking for Charlie Hunt.Hire date of 1968 went from IAH to MIA in 1971.

Jim Moore - Orlando, FL