Outstanding site!
Too bad this isnt "virtual Braniff" on Vatsim.net This would be an outstanding virtual airline website. Brilliant!

Bill Reinwart - Calgary

This brings back some great memories. I'm glad I found your site. My dad worked for BI for over 15 years. I remember him taking me to work with him a couple of times and my breath being taken away when I saw the flying colors. It was like one of the wonders of the world. There has been no airline as beautiful as Braniff. I used to have a battery operated blue 707 when I was 3 that had engines that would flash and it would roll across the floor. Later my dad had a plastic model of "Big Orange." Wouldn't it be great if Braniff came back, not like the last time, but with the great colors? That would be great!

Steven Smith - Dallas, TX

Flew troops to Vietnam, brought walking wounded back. Love to hear from any old friend I flew with, paticularly on the Mexcico City flights. Jaluci@aol.com

Lucinda Anee Middlebrook Clark - Virginia

Eventhough I am too young to personally remember BI in its glory days, I have to believe that this site is a fitting tribute to a great airline.
BI was an airline that conveyed the fun, excitement, adventure and style of air travel. Never has there been an airline before or since that placed such emphasis on the style and atmosphere of the customer experience, from ticket envelope, to terminal design and decoration, to cabin crew and aircraft interiors, even the aircraft themselves!
As an enthusiast of commercial airtravel, branding, design, and sheer exhuberence, I am saddend that BI does not exist today, but am glad that this web-site is here to fittingly document the amazing efforts of the entire BI team, from Headquarters to Cabin crew, Gate agents and Terminal crew that worked so hard to make travelling on their airline an experience that was to be remembered.

I will enjoy this site time and time again!

Roger Philipp - Brantford, ON Canada