Nicely put together site carlos! A fine tribute indeed and been an aviation enthusiast myself naturally i'ved put it in my favourites!!!

Ian Entwistle - Australia

Thank you for putting together this beautiful tribute to an airline that took great care of me during my childhood. I flew Braniff from Wichita to San Antonio and back often, and I loved the friendly people and beautiful planes. I'm so glad you're doing such a great job of preserving BI's history. Keep up the good work!

Bruce Adams - Kansas City, MO

I remember flying Braniff in 1967. I loved it sooo much...especially the short was 15! I will start Braniff again!

Joseph Moskal - Wichita..AIR CAPITAL!!!!

Your site is a great tribute to a great airline that dared do something ahead of its time, transposing art and design into a working environment. The first true - and possibly the most complete - corporate image revision that ever occurred in the airline industry.
Keep up the good work with your site.

Luigi Vallero - Italy

Best graphics of any of the BN tribute sites. My first plane flight in 1964 at age 8 was on a BN Convair from Wichita Falls to Dallas Love. I flew BN many more times between then and the week before the 1982 shutdown. Also worked in the summer of 1974 as a security guard at the passenger screening stations in Terminal 2W at DFW. Remember how they had to have a complete screening station at each gate because the terminal had originally been designed so that people could park "right at the gate" and there were no central passageways where mass screening stations could be set up, unlike AA in 3E? That must have cost BN a bunch of money. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Scott Mathews - Charlottesville, VA