August, 1966 to February, 1980. DAL Res and OKC station - clock number 3069. Best years of my working life. The colors, the style. The night Fat Albert was delivered at Love Field, the day we got the London route award - all undying memories. We had to be better - we were Braniff.

Bill Alston - The Woodlands, Texas

Began in TXK in 1945 for MCA. Hired by Charles Bollinger. To DAL Love in 1960 and then to IAD and DCA in 1966. Was set to retire 06/01/82, however, it came a little early - 05/12/82 - my birthday. It was an enjoyable 37 years and I worked with some fine people. I am back in VA because of the death of my wife. She is buried in Fairfax, VA.
Would like to hear from those of you who might remember me.

Cecil Boyd - Berryville, VA -

It was the best time of my life. Worked in ORD from 1967 to close.

Jim Lancaster, Chicago, IL

My Mom worked in keypunch from about 1949 to 1964, when she passed away. Great memories of flights to everywhere! I dated the most wonderful person in the world, Pam Mokszycki/Twyman in the late 80's; she was an ex stewardess from the 60's. Absolutely fantastic woman.

Aron Nance - Dallas, TX

In response to post from 'Parker Yochim' regarding the crash of '68 - my father was also aboard that flight. Would love to chat sometime about the details of the crash. (You didn't leave your email address)
If anyone else has any info, please feel free to contact me

Allison (Kubitz) Nye - Ft. Worth, TX