Very Happy to see this beautiful Web Site, wel organized and full of information, I would like to say "warm hello" to all my co-workers that remember, I'm still in SEA, so if you are in town call me 206-244-6709. Almost retired. Still married to the same woman, have five grand children that keep me busy.

Ricardo (Rick) Antezana - Seattle, Washington

your site is so great! The design fits perfect to the braniff color scheme. It´s the best painting I have ever seen. Wish i could fly with them!!

Julian - Germany

Rummaging through some boxes I found the following items:

  • B-Liner dated December/January 1976(Volume 28, Number 1)
  • B-Liner February/March 1976 (Vol. 28, Number 2)
  • Three BI carton folders (slightly damaged): Big Orange, Green BI and Multiple BI print on black.
  • Various "Flying Colors of the United States" brochures and pamphlets featuring the 727 and Alexander Calder himself in a carton "With Flying Colors" folder (also slightly damaged)
  • Brochure featuring Harding Lawrence's remarks to the press in New York, N.Y. 1973 announcing Calder's assignment to paint the DC8.
  • While all this survived over 30 years and six countries after my BI employment in Mexico, Dallas and Quito (approx. '65 through '75) I am sure that there are enthusiasts who'd love to have this.

I'll mail it to the first E-mail received.
(If you receive no reply: that means someone was ahead of you!) Best regards to all my BI friends!

Frans Milders - Neuilly sur Seine, France

Hi all, I'm looking for an ad with the 1978 slogan "Braniff Flies You in Leather." Ideally I'd like to find both the English version as well as the Spanish version of the ad used in Latin America. All I need is the electronic image, although I'd love to have a color copy of the ad in paper.
Do any of you happen to have it in your archives? If not, do you have any suggestions for where to find it?

Manuel - Houston, TX