This definately deserves an iteration:

re: A great Web site for a Great Airline! It really shows the level of quility that we have given up to drive our $40,000 SUV's to our $99.00 plane ride!

Well put !

Pete Tanner - Charlotte, NC

Even though I am 17 I could imagine how excellent Braniff was. I have flight simulator 2004 which I can a Boeing 747 which has the exact orange and color of a Braniff 747! Although I have not flown on Braniff, to me I could just imagine how good the airline was once was. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, I SALUTE YOU

Giulio Daniel - Quebec Canada

Flew Braniff from Lima, Peru to Miami regularly in the 70's.

I'm now a designer/creative director, and my first love for color and design was Braniff, it's airplane colors and sense of style that just oozed out of every inch of the planes.

I remember travelling to the 'Jorge Chavez' airport just dying to see what color plane we would be flying on.

Micah Boswell - Dallas, TX

Hallå Åsa, här kommer en sida att njuta av... Jag hade ingen aning om att Braniff Int hade Concorden i sin flotta... Företaget är ju mest känt för sin extrema design... Bubbelhjälmar och annat som kan vara bra att ha! // Sten

Åsa Lundgren - Uppsala

I just wanted to express my feelings about today's 23rd anniversary of our demise (bankruptcy). This day never will be forgotten. I miss our airline! Does anyone else still miss what we had?

Shirley Lilly - Still in Dallas