i need some help, i collect business cards, i have thousands from all over the world, i do not have braniff airlines, can anyone send me a business card to add to my collection. please let me know. thank you all. kimborclose@yahoo.com

Kim R Close - Minneapolis,MN

I was so happy to stumble across this web page. My mother was a flight attendant for Braniff. Her name was Beverly Quigley she is now deceased. Some of the best memories my brother and I had as children were flying on the planes. We even flew Fat Albert to Honolulu Hawaii that was the nickname for the orange 747. My mother really loved working for Braniff it was painful for her and our family when they folded.
We miss our mother and will never forget how beautiful she looked in her flight attendants uniform. Thank You Braniff for all the memories.

Byron Roberson - Dallas, TX

Perhaps I've been asleep at the wheel for too long or maybe the change (for the worst) was so slow, perhaps intentionally, that neither I or anyone else notices. I see movies, such as when Doris Day was a stewardess, and of course the flight crew you have had. Just look at the stewardesses on your own home page. Flashy colors. High heels, and somewhat exotic attire. Ok, forget exotic, just colorful, perhaps a hat with airline insignia and some decent protocol of dress. What has happened to the airline industry ? Hey, I'm no "GQ" type of individual, but you would think more could be expected from the airlines. The entire flight crew in general. Southwest....Airtran..etc. Pretty grim indeed. Don't think I'm not including the passengers on this hit list of maladies. It seemed like passengers also dressed up or at least had a halfway decent protocol of some kind as to attire. Now I see these guys wearing these stupid back backs aboard the plane like high school students. What's going on? Are they getting aboard a flight or hitching a ride on a frieght train? Is all of this my imagination (I seriously doubt it)? Far be it from me to tell you the pains of industry cut backs and the demise of most high caliber industries in America; not just the airlines. It sure does show doesn't it?

Jim Rish - New Orleans

This definately deserves an iteration:

re: A great Web site for a Great Airline! It really shows the level of quility that we have given up to drive our $40,000 SUV's to our $99.00 plane ride!

Pete Tanner - Charlotte, NC