Very nice web page.
A very good idea to keep Braniff's spirit alive!

Boris Varon - Miami, Florida

Anyone has a receipe for the famous branwich sandwich

Peter - Philadelphia

My Grandpa, Jack Sallee was a pilot for Braniff starting in the last DC-3 class and ending on the 747. He would have really enjoyed this website and seeing so many people from braniff together.

Daniel Sallee - Sequim, WA

Hello Braniff friends! I was based in Dallas, 79-82. Thanks to all the people who keep the memory alive. me

Dorene (Smith) Calvert - Highlands Ranch, CO

This is an awesome site! The first time I saw a Braniff plane, I was a small child at Houston airport. When I saw a big orange 727 past by, I confused the 'BI' on the tail of for Iberia's 'IB'. I ran to my father and told him 'Iberia changed its colors'. He corrected me.

WB - Washington, DC

My Dad worked for Braniff from 1945 to 1982. He took our family to see the world via the benefits of working for Braniff. N601BN tail section sits atop our barn in Athens,Texas along with the original tail number that was hidden underneath the pain of the last tail for Tower Air. You have a great site for great memeories of mine.

Jimmy Chiles - Dallas, T