I remember Braniff in the 70's and early 80's when I was a youngster. I used to cut out the schedule from the Washington Post so I knew what time to look toward the flight path to National Airport to see what color the plane was, and to enjoy such a unique sight. I came up poor, so I couldn't afford to fly. I decided when I grew up, I would fly Braniff everywhere. By time I got old enough to earn money to travel, the airline was gone. It was rally heartbreaking to see it happen. I would have been proud to have been a passenger or employee for such a great airline. I still think about it often, and am glad I Googled this site.

JK - Fort Washington, MD

Very nice website keep up the good work.

Jorge barreras - Miami, FL

Best Braniff website yet. Thanks! And now I know where I can order Braniff models. Cool.

Chris Julian - Sao Paulo, Brazil

I flew on Braniff during my enlistment years with the Navy. Even out of Ft. Smith Arkansas B.I. was the ONLY way to go. Can never be a better way to fly. They were the best of the best! I miss Braniff.

James Seabolt - Ontario, CA

The outfits are so cool! I love anything outrageous. Braniff definately had the look.

Grace Hetfield - Lewes, DE

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow,I would start a NEW Braniff Airlines!
Same dress for the "Stewardess" and paint scheme for the aircraft.
I flew Braniff from 1964 -1973 between Kansas and the east coast and loved every hour of it!
Those were the days when "Stewardeses" looked in shape and were attractive!
Now..airlines hire anyone!

Joey - Kansas