Love the site. I never experienced or knew of Braniff until landing on your site. But clearly it was and still is a landmark for design and air travel.

El - Canada

Stumbled across this site in an effort to help my mom with all of my dad's--Willian L. (Bill) Cody,-- old Braniff memorabilia. He was in marketing until around 1980 or so. How great it is for me to read about all those who may have encountered my dad at some time. He traveled the world frequently, therefore, so did we! Sadly, Dad passed in April of 92, but I kept the flying tradition alive. I was a flight attendant! I quit to raise my 3 children, but I would love to fly again!
Thanks to all who write. I will keep reading.....

Kricket Cody Harrison - Atlanta, GA

This is great to look at, I wish Braniff could come back in to service . I miss those flying color fleet.


I would to hear any body from jfk.

Italo Ocampo - Guatemala City, Guatemala

The most wonderful years 1970-74 the BIC room and Sales Rep in HNL, then DSM in ANC 1974-1976. How I miss BI and the team. Would love to hear from any/all of you.

Mearlene Rounsaville

What fond memories of Braniff and our uniforms. My father, R.E. (Bob) Sawyer was Chief of Engineering and spent so much time helping Sandy Calder design and paint the models then scale up the drawings to the planes...

Joanna Sawyer Kriss - Plano, TX