Hello, my name is Willy Braniff. Nothing to do with the airline but have always been interested in the history of the company. Have been in one Braniff plane in my life back in the 70's and saw a few in Texas and New Orleans. Keep the pictures coming, I love the colors!

Willy Braniff - Columbus, OH

Looking at all the pictures brought back the memories of many, many good times at BI. Thanks for a great job in doing this.

Jim Fitts, Sr. - Urbandale, IA

My father is Lloyd Harrison. He worked for Braniff from 1956-1982. He worked at DFW in Reservations. I was 12 when Braniff went bankrupt on that horrible day.

My fondest memories were of my father and I going to Hawaii on "Fat Albert" and sitting at DFW watching the planes take off and land. It became a game of "what color Braniff plane would be next to land?" I would always guess "orange" because it seemed like there were eleventybillion of those orange ones. My favorite one was Blue, then followed by green. Of course when they got the new paint job it completely threw off my odds! LOL.

Does anyone remember the old sky lift with the painted BI buckets in the old terminal at Love Field? Not many people remember my age. Heck... not many people remember Braniff. I try and keep the memories alive. My cubicle here at work has 3 of those little cardboard planes they gave the kids to keep them busy.

There will never be another airline like Braniff. Now they rush you through like cattle! I miss Braniff so badly. I wish someone would win the lottery and buy back "Fat Albert" and fly us all around.

To Mr. Chiles (sp?) I WANT to see that Braniff tail sticking out of your barn! I lived in Eustace for a long time and my mom still lives at Cedar Creek lake. How lucky you are to have the tail section!!!

anyone who wants to talk about Braniff or if you knew my dad, email me! danatx@yahoo.com
Hugs to all my lost "family"

Dana Harrison Barr - KY

Love the website! Wonderful memories of yesterday....I am a former Braniff Flight Attendant. I flew for a little over 16yrs. What fun it was back then to be part of such a classy airline.My how times have changed the industry. I miss my flying buddies.

Nancy Glennan Tomberlin - Grapevine, TX