I had 10 wonderful years with BI starting at HOURES in 1960 and ending at NYCRES in 1970. Those were great years - we were expanding and turning the airline into an exciting and innovative carrier. Anyone remember me? If so please let me hear from you. woodbob4@aol.com

Bob Woodman - Pompano Beach, FL

I was with Braniff for 21 years as a customer service agent/and operations department. Married with two grown children and five grandchildren. Own and operate a 300 acre cattle ranch and, though I`m getting a bit aged to continue much longer, I enjoy the solitude and work with my wife. Do miss all the Braniff gang!!!

Joseph "Daniel" Spidle - 37 miles east of Nashville, Tn. (Watertown)

I remember flying BN to basic training most (I have other occasions also). But what great fun though! Miss the "old" days of airlines when flying was fun.

Tom Wood - San Antonio, TX

I worked MDW in Chicago in late 50's and would like to know about any fellow employees in that era. E-mail me anytime. I worked for United 19 years in Omaha after Braniff, UAL didn't hold a candle to BRANIFF. We had it going on.

Merle Beisheim - Omaha, NE

I worked for Braniff for 20 yrs, as cargoman,agent,and tkt supervisor. I always enjoyed it, especially with the people. I live in a retirement community with two other Braniff people, Frank Dudek-agent and Becky Tusik-flight attendant.

David Billings - Huntley, IL

This site is the best of all the airline sites. It was great to see the beautiful livery colors, it felt as though Braniff was still with us.

Lawrence Pippens - San Francisco, C