Did this bring make the memories. I worked in Kansas City res 1964-1972. Would love to hear from any of the BN gang.

Donna Sellenriek - donnaelp@aol.com - El Paso, Texas

Have worked for Braniff I & II for more than 20yrs in EWR/TPA/OAK/FLL/MIA/DFW/MCI and still to this day it was the best job I have ever worked!!! If anybody out their wishes to contact me, Please do so at royjpoff@ptd.net

Roy J. Poff - Hawley,PA

I miss Braniff. I remember the bright colors flying into Dallas on Pan Am or National...gone but not forgotten.

Chad Bordes - Denver, CO

I worked for BI for 10 years in the Dallas Res Center. The fondest memories I have in my career were those spent with Braniff in Dallas !

William "Woody" Woods - ATL

Hired to open OAK in Dec 15, 1978, the day BN opened 15 cities! I was a Customer Service Agent at OAK, DFW, HNL, LAX and ALB, ending Dec 1980 (furlough). My favorite color jet was Terracotta. I'd always planned on painting a house with that scheme.

Tim Moore - Los Osos, CA (Near SBP)

My Dad worked for braniff as well and I too would get to every once in a while go a see the great big airplains I miss and for always rember Branniff as part of my most remberd upbrings , from our "standby" flying to the graveyards my Daddy worked. I miss Branniff!

Dionne Stickel - Dallas, TX