It's impossible to forget the best airline I''ve ever flown in my life...and also the first. I love Braniff, it's really sad its absence. I still have the ticket of my first's my treasure

Andrés Castiñeira - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flew the first jets to Chicago and New York. 2 on/3 off. Couldn't beat it. Loved every minute of it. We weren't colorful, but we were stylish, Chanel jackets and rosettes.

Gayle Stowe - Virginia

Excellent & very well done & accurate website. Fun!

Susan Sowers - Dallas, TX

Wow! I stumbled across this Web site by accident & I couldn't believe the incredible memories this brings back. I was a travel agency manager for seven years and then worked for American for 16 years. I loved Braniff -- it was a class act that has never been matched. Thanks for this terrific site! I'll visit often & remember the good old days.

Ty Gilbert - Dallas, TX

I worked for BN or BI initially in LIM under Bill Wilson first then under Miguel Jimenez (the accountant). After a tour with the USAF I returned to BN in DEN then ORD. After a span of about 7 years altogether I left BN to join AF to upgrade then QF another upgrade. My most pleasant memories are those with Braniff and THATgreat bunch of guys and one in particular, Paul Retzlaff @ ORDFFBN.

Vic Morales - Bradenton, FL

Great website for a great airline! I used to love to fly Braniff.

Joe Nevill - Chicago, ILX