I worked in the advertising dept from 72 to 79 and returned in 82 just in time for the end. I came back to be the advertising director for the new Braniff that really turned out to be a joke.
I must report that my boss at BN GLenn Geddis, a really great person and a great guy to work for passed away in Jan of 2004.

George Massie - Tallahassee, Forida

comments: What an airline! Braniff realy is an icon of the golden age of air travel! And those Braniff girls in there fantastic uniforms! I am only 15 and have acumilated many Braniff items over the years. I think they are fantastic and i am very sad that i never had the chance to fly with them. They truly are something special! Well i have somethign to ask, i own the UK'S largest uniform collection and i am operning a museum, i am having a section devoted to Braniff, I could do with some extra items (I am willing to pay!) and some information from any ex employes. Also i am in desprate serch of a Braniff uniform. Can anyone help me???? Be aware if you do, it will come to a very loveing home!! my e-mail address is juke_d@hotmail.co.uk Thank you for your time!! Juke 15

Juke Dilliway - United Kingdom

For many months have tried to remember to check the web for info on BN. That just happened today and was pleasantly surprised to find so much info on BN. I truly, truly miss Braniff and wish for days like we had. If anyone that remembers me from (WAS-CTO, DCA, IAD, BWI, Station Training) please drop me a line and surprise me. sallie_lowe@msn.com. Best wishes to all.

Sallie Lowe - Maryland, VA

Flew 1957-59, would love to hear from crews who flew then. cnelson197@msn.com

Carolann Adams Nelson - Phoenix, AZ

What a beautiful and informative site! I was researching a project and your site was a huge help! I love the design, you captured the spirit of Braniff, I wish they were still around.

Jennifer Boston, MAt