All of a sudden I'm a kid again, in fascinated awe of DFW, jet airliners, flying in general and BI in particular. What a class act, from beginning to end. It was forty years ago but as fresh in my mind now as if it were yesterday; many, many thanks for making this available. Regards...

Lang Havey - Berry Creek, California

I like Braniff even though i never managed to see one because i never heard of it until in a B747 Book anyway ilove braniff i think it is the best airline ever

Noah age 10 - Leeds, UK

Braniff was one of my favorite airlines. I used to fly to and from college at Abilene Christian University to visit my parents overseas. I flew Texas International from Abilene to Dallas, Braniff from Dallas to JFK, and TWA or Pan Am to the Middle East. Braniff had the best food and service of any of the airlines I flew with. I used Air France, Pan Am, Delta, American, Texas International, and others. On one full flight shortly after Christmas, I got a seat upgrade to first class from JFK to DFW. In spite of the rough weather we experienced all day flying back from Europe, and it was rough, this was the best flight of the day early January 1977.

Steve Peyton - Seattle, WA

Posting again as my contact information has changed. If anyone remembers me, drop me a line. F/A from 78 to 82, based in MSP most of the time but also BOS and IAH. I miss the people I worked with. PHYLLIS FRANKLIN...where are you? Peter and I have been looking for you for years.

Bill ward - MSP

Former Braniff employee at JFK from 1973-1975 as baggage handler, and 1975-1982 as ticket agent. Looking for old friends.

Pete Hults